Computer Engineering – Diving Deep and into the Software World

What's Really Going Inside?

I want to start the article with AlexNet, the first productive CNN with 5 convolutional layers, and a line from the movie Inception, to which Google (Going deeper with convolutions) also refers to this CNN network.

This is not enough.
We have to go deeper.

How Did My Story Begin?

In my high school years, when I was only 14-15 years old, I had dreams of being in a different place from where I am now, like every student who was working, considered successful and had goals.

But in those years, I had no motivation and awareness of where I was and where I wanted to go.

As a result, my goal and my dream since a very young age is to gain Medicine; Stop passing by, it was in a place that I could not even dream of when I looked at my YGS / LYS scores.
My score was not on the ground, but it would not earn a Medicine.

Staying with a graduate was one of my options, and I think that’s the reason I couldn’t win.

The idea of ​​graduating was at first with my mind, but then my mind changed a lot. Of course, I want to go to university at that time. I started researching; I said, I wonder whichever department I choose, I can do it by loving this profession and working for it, even if I have to compromise myself.

So which department/profession leads me for a permanent purpose?

A long period of research and thinking has begun …

Why Did I Choose Computer Engineering?

After the announcement of the exam on July 18, I was looking for the answer to the question of which department I will go to on almost every God’s day.

What will I do?
Where will I go?
What would I be happy to do?
Which department allows me to be constantly improving, not counting my place?

Then in Artificial Intelligence studies at the Academy been made and a lot of use in the industry, though it was not an issue on Turkey’s agenda spoken.

Among my options, when the Medicine and Dentistry departments were up, the only area I could think of was engineering.

I was researching engineering departments every day.
What does the field include, what is in its future, what should I learn in this engineering education, what is being done in this field in the world, is it a department where everything has been done now, or is it a department with a lot of work but still a lot to do? Does this section contain physics? 🙂

These questions addressed me directly to a single chapter. Of course to computer engineering. I immediately made my choices, and 24 of the 24 choices were computer engineering.

I have been using a computer since the age of 4, I can use a 10-finger keyboard, I write 90 words per minute. Well, I couldn’t be a computer engineer but who would be?
I thought …

When I first came to the department, my interest in the field was very, very much. I was even trying to learn something to lay the foundations from the sources I could find.
Before coming to school, I studied Algorithm Flow diagrams and figures.
(Absolutely don’t)

The question I asked in the first Algorithm and Programming basic Programming course was:
Sir, can you give us a resource to learn?
I exactly share the answer:

– The lesson was over, the teacher turned off his computer, the plugs were pulled and the projector’s VGA cable was disconnected. He reconnected all of them and turned on the computer and the scanner, without feeling tired. He started typing on the address line.
w w w . g o o g l e . c o m 

I said yes, welcome to the apprentice period. Everyone will make fun of it like that, you better get used to it.
I really thought it was a joke.
I said the man made fun of us, he calls me Google, as if we don’t know. I hear this site for the first time in my life, is this site just opened?

Of course, after almost full 4 years and thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of Google searches, hundreds of homework worked on, hundreds of personal toy projects and a professional venture project, I realized that he was not kidding.

Programmer, Developer, Software Developer, Junior, Senior, etc. etc. He is not the person who memorizes everything and creates it from scratch (you will never need to discover America from scratch), but the person who develops existing methods and can use and implement (apply / adapt) in the most accurate, most efficient way.

Stackoverflow, Github, Kaggle, Tutorial, How can i do …
The above words and their derivatives are an overview of my Google searches and internet history for 4 years. If you want to step into the software world and learn, you need to learn what to do and how to learn. So you have to learn to research.


What You Will Live and Get Used To If You Are To Become A Developer/Programmer

If you are a programmer: you are at the beginning of the road, you are a student, or just writing your first code to the compiler / IDE, it does not change this, if you want to progress and learn in this way, you can say that I am a programmer / developer now.

In this way, only your experience and experiences and your rank/name change. Your name at the beginning of the road is Junior Developer.
Then, according to your level and experience, you have many names such as Middle, Senior, Lead. Of course, these are just names, depending on the field you work in, you can get different names.
(Web/Application/Database Programmer/Developer) vs. 

So what will you encounter if you work in this field?

Open an internet cafe, I can easily say that you will reach the level of hating the ridiculous dialogues.

” A programmer is not a PC repairman. ”
– Kushagra Sharma

It is wrong to even assume that a programmer is a PC repairman. A programmer knows the internal coding of the computer (CPU, Assembly, Microprocessor design and programming). We are also interested in algorithms and design principles rather than PC hardware.

Of course, when people ask me the best photo editing app for Android or I should be able to tell them if the SSD to connect to their laptop is compatible. Otherwise why am I interested in this field?

The subject of Nightgeek, in simple words, why do we stay awake all night?

” Programmers don’t speak because they should not be interrupted … Being in tune with other people can only mean stopping a train of thought. Stopping means error. You shouldn’t get off the train. “
– Ellen ULLMAN

Because when we are developing anything we need a peaceful and calm environment. We need this in order to reveal what we are coding efficiently.
Especially when someone is looking at me or suddenly burst into the room, I forget all my concentration and all that roadmap in my mind and what I’m going to do.

That’s why coding when everyone is sleeping, that is, when no one can disturb it, is a habit that I have never been able to break since I wrote my first code.

What if you write 2 lines of code, act as if you saved the world. I will do what you do. Of course you can … Come on, come on?

” Programming is thinking, not writing. ” – Casey Patton

Programming is based entirely on imagination and logical approach to solving a problem. Programming; It is an art that can be done while sleeping, strolling, looking out the window, doing anything when you have enough time to relax and imagine. If you can think logically then you are a programmer.
Programming gives you a new way of thinking.

” Whether you want to uncover the secrets of the universe or want to build a career in the 21st century, basic computer programming is a skill to learn. “
– Stephen Hawking

Why do programmers consume too much coffee? Why do we fetishize drinking coffee?

Programmers do stupid things sometimes. The stupidest thing we do is work really long hours. Caffeine is a very useful drug in our opinion, which helps us stay awake for long hours, at least theoretically.
And we love caffeine. Caffeine is stimulating and creates more kaolytic connections in the brain that encourage creativity.
It makes us smarter and more energetic. Of course, I am not talking about the jump to 200 on our next IQ test, but it has been scientifically proven that caffeine blocks an inhibitory neurotransmitter called Adenosine when it travels to the brain via the bloodstream. When this happens, there is enough room for neurotransmitters like dopamine and norepinephrine to increase. This increases the firing of neurons. Caffeine; It improves mood, cognitive function, concentration, reaction times and many brain functions that trigger energy.
In addition, although the act of going / coming to / from the coffee takes a few minutes as walking down the aisle, preparing the coffee, and commuting, this short time clears our brain from the problem.

And yes, we all think we are like transformers. We think we are converters that convert coffee into code and we like it. Drinking coffee is just like believing an idea.

We don’t care about the real world as we care about the Computer World.

Seriously please stop bothering us, just stop it. We don’t care, I really don’t care how proud you are knowing politics, economics, or other real-world stuff. We love living in the virtual world and abstract things.

We really don’t care if you are blank on computer science or if / when we brag about the computer.
Similarly, we are not affected by bloody politics, ridiculous positions and positions and events.
The people and events that affect us are programmers, entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs who do not leave the computer that you classify as asocial, crazy, and try to make your world beautiful and achieve what has never been done, the impossible.
And yes, we don’t care about your silly thoughts about artificial intelligence.


And Finally Truth

Programming is much more difficult than it seems. Programming is not just about writing an even or odd number program, it is also about building applications and software in the real world. Sometimes when they say “I am a programmer” people are game developers, etc. they start to produce speculations. Game development is not a joke but a team process. (Graphic designer, programmer, tester etc.) Sounds easy, but creating even the simplest game is really difficult.

But this is not impossible, just as nothing is impossible. Most people are terrified about how to program. But as with everything else, the more you practice and repeat this task, the easier it gets.

Thank you for reading my article so far. Do not hesitate to contact me for anything you want to ask about programming and software.
You will see that I will be happy to assist you.
You can always contact me.

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